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[Rumour] Kikuchi Fuma have a girlfriend?


well, well, no comment.. just wait and see~ 

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[late post] Koki Suspended..


Remember this moment? I’m really frustrated at first I looked at the title of the news. 

But then, when I read the whole news, I think, its not the agency fault though. Koki have been doing all those stupid things, breaking the rules million time. I can’t blame it on the agency. But, still even so, its koki we talking about here.. his attitude, everybody knows.. I know he help many people (he save my baby Fujigaya from quitting johnnys once).. I’m so thank you to him..  J I’ll always support him. Not what he has been doing(bad thing) but, his future career.

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I'm A Fans!

My top 3 fav. JE group?
answer : 1, 2, 3

My ichiban (from top 3 fav group)?
answer : 1, 2, 3

My Fav. Pairing(from top 3 fav group)?
answer : 1, 2, 3&3

My first fav. JE member?
answer : T

Currently in love with this Johnnys Jr.
answer : M

First JE songs I know? 
answer : V6-I want to change the world

Among the JE members dorama, I like this dorama the best.
answer : My hero my boss (tokio, koki, tegoshi)

Among the JE members movies, I like this movie the best
answer : niini no koto o wasurenaide (nishikudo ryo and yamada ryosuke)

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Nakajima Yuto rumour. (27/9/2013)

Nakajima Yuto (20) and Mizukawa Asami (30) were seen walking together. according to "FRIDAY"

Yuto bow politely to her before leaving. therefore, the conclusion is : they're just friends or not more than Senpai and Junior..

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Yamapi feat. Fujigaya Taisuke "Next Action"

You can download it here.. @megustakismyft2 blogspot (mediafire)-short ver.


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Random TamaGaya gif

Kyaaaaa! i love tamagaya pairing! but, hirosuke is the main one though.  gomen, i have to post it here. my tumblr cannot upload those so... its a waste if im not post those gif. plus, its took me 4 hours to finish the gif  Okay!


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TamaGaya in S.O.S PV


PS: have not post this to tumblr yet. but, i do have post many pictures of Hokku Jesse and one bakaleya6 picture and one Kyomoto Taiga x Kouchi Yugo post.

>>>Hokku (+Jesse) *photo1*
(Picture review) 

>>>HokkuJesse *photo2*

(Picture review)

>>>Jesse Lewis *photo1*

(Picture review)

>>>Jesse Lewis *photo2*

(Picture review)


(Picture review)

>>>Kyomoto Taiga x Kouchi Yugo
(Picture review)

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